Getting down to brass tacks


I bring to our writers’ group every Monday morning a spiritual challenge with an idea, concept or scripture. I have five minutes. I take 10. Recently I asked the writers if they would fight the fight of faith for their voices. And, how would it look?

The scripture came to me early the week before. I dismissed the message. I didn’t have anything to contribute. It was too much to unpack in five minutes. The idea blasted me in the face all week. It wouldn’t turn loose.

God talks about a remnant in the last days. The remnant is the end of the fabric bolt. That part left over, too short to do much, no value in it. Usually, it’s thrown on the sale table for a tenth of what it’s worth and used for something totally different.

My daughter buys these remnants for her quilting. She cut the fabric in squares and she has made beautiful quilts. She sees the value where others can’t see it.

We, as people of faith, in these last days are like the remnants thrown on the sale table. The truth, God’s principles and our stand don’t seem to match what people want. But, so-to-speak, we have our thumb in the dam holding back a flood of lies, deception and darkness. Like the remnant, we fit into this category.

Paul writes to Timothy, “I’ve fought the good fight of faith,” — 1 Timothy 6:12 (NKJV). What would I be willing to fight for? My family? No question.

When I received this email, I knew I had to pursue this subject. Linda A. wrote: 

“I feel a kindred spirit with you! And if the Lord could depend on anyone to fight the good fight of faith it would be you. You have a large following. I pray all the time for people with a voice. You have that voice. I don’t do Facebook postings — or rarely do. I haven’t got followers. Everyone in Pagosa knows you. God chose you wisely.”

A little embarrassed to think that I would have an impact, I wonder if I would fight for my voice in this dark world. Be in the crosshairs, a target?

Getting down to the brass tacks, I hope I would stand against the darkness, but who knows? How accurately do I measure myself? What cloth am I made of? I do know I have bolts of scripture, threads tested by time, cut straight by the Word of God and kept by the Holy Spirit in the core of my fabric.

Delving into the meaning of “getting down to brass tacks,” I found it comes from the haberdashery trade, where, for centuries, brass tacks were nailed along the counter to measure the length of cloth accurately. A measurement to a brass tack would be accurate as opposed to guessing.

We see ourselves differently than others sees us. How does God see us? As His remnant. Valuable. He paid the full price for us, laid down His life and gave us new life and purpose. What length would I go to preserve my voice, fight for my faith?

This is a quote from Tim Tebow’s devotional book, “Mission Possible.” His honest words gave me perspective: “Most things that are worth doing aren’t simple. Sure. Think how easy it was for me to get super pumped and put Bible verses on my face when I was winning championships and scoring touchdowns. It’s easy to praise God when you’re crushing life, when everyone loves you, when you’re in perfect health, when money is in the bank, and when stress is absent. But when a giant stands in front of you, whether in the form of cancer or a career that’s collapsing, what does your faith look like?”

Final brushstroke: The Bible says in the last days believers will fall away. God knows where the brass tacks are. He knows how to cut straight to truth. He’s in the fight. He knows our weaknesses and He’s fighting for us.

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