Contribution marks significant step toward building Aspen House


PS FroYo has announced a remarkable contribution of $75,000 to the Aspen House nonprofit organization. 

This serves as a significant milestone in A Safe Place in Pagosa Inc.’s journey toward realizing the construction of Aspen House — a much-needed residential facility for adults with developmental disabilities in Pagosa Springs.

As a revenue-generating business, PS FroYo was initially created as a “classroom” for children in the special education program at the middle school and high school. This initial concept grew into providing vocational support to adults with developmental disabilities and functioning as a local café. 

PS FroYo financially supports the Aspen House cause through its operations. The $75,000 contribution, earmarked for the building fund, represents a tangible demonstration of PS FroYo’s commitment to creating a more inclusive and supportive community for individuals with developmental disabilities.

With this latest contribution, Aspen House is one step closer to achieving its goal of raising $2.5 million to construct a nine-apartment facility tailored to the needs of adults with developmental disabilities. 

Currently, Aspen House has accumulated $213,000 in its construction reserve account — a testament to the dedication and perseverance of its supporters.

“We are incredibly grateful to PS FroYo for their generous contribution to Aspen House,” said Carolyn Paschal, president of A Safe Place in Pagosa Inc. board of directors. “Their support brings us closer to breaking ground on this much-needed residential facility, which will provide a safe and secure home for adults with developmental disabilities in our community and give their families the peace of mind that they have a safe and supportive place to call home, even when we can no longer be there to provide care for them.”

The vision of Aspen House goes beyond providing shelter — it aims to create a nurturing environment where individuals with developmental disabilities can live independently while remaining close to their families, friends and support networks. By offering a sense of stability and belonging, Aspen House seeks to empower its residents to live independently and actively participate in the community.

“We believe in the mission of Aspen House and are honored to play a part in making it a reality,” said June Landgraf, PS FroYo manager. “Our hope is that this contribution will inspire others to join us in supporting this vital initiative.”

As Aspen House looks ahead to breaking ground in 2024, it relies on the continued generosity of donors and community partners to turn its vision into reality. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings Aspen House closer to providing a permanent home for adults with developmental disabilities in Pagosa Springs.

For more information on how to support Aspen House and help make a difference in the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities, please visit