In Memoriam


Vimmie Ray

It’s been four years since my mom went to be with our heavenly Father, and I can only imagine the joyous time she has spent there. I sometimes think of her looking down at her friends and family, concerned for their well-being, worrying about them, but then I realize that she no longer worries, for she knows that God is in control. I imagine that she speaks to me and helps guide my decisions, my words, my actions, for I often think, “How would Mom have handled this?” Sometimes, I feel so close to her, and feel like she is proud of me; yet, other times, I can feel her saying how I could have done things differently; she is still teaching me. She was such an amazing person and touched so many people’s lives…through her church, through the wildlife park, through her daily trips to town, and so much more.

I’m reading a book called “A Time to Dance, Chasing Joy in Difficult Seasons,” by local author Shannon Singh, and it is so incredibly uplifting. In it, she says, “Joy does not come passively. It is not a season or an emotion. It is a daily choice.”

It reminds me of something my mom used to say: “Try to find joy in all you do.” Any chore or job, any activity for that matter, can be enjoyable if you can do it with a happy heart. It was her mantra, and I have chosen to make it mine, as well. We all should. She knew that if we strive to make other people’s days better, help them in some way, or simply take time for them, it makes us feel better, too.

Lori Lucero