Countywide Women’s Bible Study focusing on miracles of Jesus


By Stan Counsell

Special to The PREVIEW

“Don’t touch that; it’s sharp.”

How many times did we hear that growing up? Be it a knife, saw or razor, the warning was sudden and delivered with force. 

But, for the Christian, it has many meanings. Let’s take the Word of God that we know as the Bible. What glories it can show to all who read and study it. For example, depression, a loss of joy, mourning, anger, laughter, and the only path to God is made plain and simple. No mantras, repetitious or wordy prayers are needed to draw close to Him. Made simple, the only path to God is in His Son, Jesus Christ. Praying to anyone or anything else is without worth, for God only hears us through His only Son.

The Word of God also lights our path in these troubled times. As people who live joyfully in the Rockies, camping, fishing or hunting is a big draw. No one knows darkness like being in the open spaces in want of the sun’s or moon’s light, a campfire or a reliable lantern. But, with light, darkness is rendered helpless trying to encircle us. We can see the rocks, a large branch before us, a small hole in our path. The list of benefits is almost endless. Around our homes, lights provide outdoor security, a delightful ambiance in our rooms, and helps to prevent dangerous trips and falls.

But, light can be dangerous, too. An unkept outdoor fire can bring frightening and destructive results. A driver’s high-beam lights can nearly blind the view of vehicles coming the opposite direction. Picking up a burning ember without caution can be blisteringly painful. Too bright a light can cause serious eyestrain. Yes, the good and dangerous results of light are well-known to all. 

Just what are the delightful benefits of the light of God’s Word? The scriptures are endless. In Psalms 119:9, we are strongly encouraged: “How can the young person keep their way pure? By guarding it according to Your word.” In Psalm 119:105, we see how God’s word keeps us from danger: “Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path”. We just need to know furthermore God’s light, and its right and improper use. 

The Countywide Women’s Bible Study is fun, informational and inspirational all rolled into one. Feedback and laughter are a given with this inquisitive group of believers. It is amazing how a few verses can become gold — buried treasure. Said treasure is not always seen, but it’s very much there. We just might not see it due to our busy lives. Kind of like how one can’t see the forest for the trees. 

The women’s study has been undertaking a very interesting and in-depth study on the miracles of Jesus. The ladies have delightful information taught that adds profound light to the Bible. With all the miracles already taught, it covered different, but crucial, angles of the true stories: Jesus, the person in need, the Law, biblical culture, medical knowledge and the crowd’s viewpoints. When seen with additional help from the Greek, much is learned, thereby making the miracles a clear eye-opener. The story blooms forth like a spring flower, clearly informative and exciting. 

So far, miracles like the paralytic lowered through the roof, the leper cleansed, blind Bartimaeus and the healing of dead Lazarus have been illuminated, with profound truths being revealed. Greater still, the ladies saw how these miracles could be clearly applied to them. 

The miracles of Jesus are profound, but, tragically, skeptics try to cast doubts. Their motto: “Doubt the miracles, doubt Jesus.” Everyone knows that doubt is a common human weakness. Even John the Baptist developed doubts that required Jesus’ intervention. 

This women’s study has been thriving for more than 50 years right here in Pagosa Springs. 

The facilitator, ‘Bert (Roberta) Counsell, is a fully ordained women’s pastor in active standing with an international Christian organization that spans 116 nations with more than 4,400 churches. Her passion is making theology clear, easy and balanced to help guide others into finding the excitement of knowing God’s Word. ‘Bert, and her husband, have been a ministering/chaplain team for 37-years. 

The Countywide Women’s Bible Study meets every Tuesday morning at the new Grace in Pagosa offices and fellowship hall at 1044 Park Ave., across from the Recreation Center. 

Each study is from 10 to 11:30 a.m., and all ladies are welcome regardless of their backgrounds. Remember, bring your personality and favorite Bible. For any additional information, call (970) 264-9931. Have a great day with Jesus.