Spanish language equity community learning and leadership circle formed


Healthy Archuleta

Healthy Archuleta has been putting tremendous effort into making our community more equitable for all who reside within it. 

As we partnered and worked with our local health care systems, food pantries and producers, we noticed a large gap in services and information that were simply unavailable in Spanish. A large portion of our population speaks Spanish; for some, it is their only language. 

With the help of Healthy Archuleta, a new group has formed to help expand the capacities of our community even further. Our newest community learning and leadership circle (CLLC) is made up of Spanish-speaking community members who all understand the importance of feeling included, accepted and cared for in the county one calls home. Systemic changes in health care usage, food accessibility and access to information are all priorities for our group. 

The Spanish Language CLLC is regularly working with health care representatives, food pantry coordinators and town representatives to expand our understanding of the challenges Spanish-speaking community members may face. We began our work with local health care providers on what programs are available for Spanish-speaking patients. We have made food pantry information accessible in Spanish. We have also started working on document translation to make our town’s functions and events more welcoming to our community. Great strides have been made already, and with ongoing support from the community and its members, we are paving the way for a more equitable county.

Please contact Health Archuleta for more information on any of these efforts:, (401) 206-4579 or visit our website,