Tex Wilson Golf Group celebrates 22 years in Pagosa Springs


Special to The SUN

The Tex Wilson Golf Group is celebrating its 22nd anniversary in Pagosa Springs. It is composed of golfers from Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, North Carolina, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas. The group numbers about 20 to 25 at present. 

The group also socializes each week with the wives (some wives play golf) by having dinner at a restaurant in town or at the home of one of the members. Nearly all are retired and spend the summers in beautiful Pagosa Springs. Several live in Pagosa full-time and some spend part of the winter here as well. Most are active members of the community, involved in church and many other activities. 

The group was initially organized by Tex Wilson, Bob “Pac” Pacharzina, Bob Shipman and John Wilson. The first director of golf (DOG) was Tex and the first director of entertainment (DOE) was Bob Shipman. Originally, the group played golf three times a week. At present, they play only twice a week due to age. 

Members of the group, past and present, include Tex and Anne Wilson, Pac and Flo Pacharzina, Bob and Carolyn Shipman, John and Lee Wilson, Jim and Becky Alston, Mike and Cheryl Autrey, John and Claudia Bird, Rich Broom and Frances Wholf, Joel and JoElla Broussard, Mike and Barbara Bruni, Tuffy and Jane Burton, Tom and Cindy Clark, LC and Lucy Croft, Bill and Melody Dean, Ed and Betty Engleking, Perry and Annette Farley, Ken and Janice Good, Byron and Karen Greco, Dick and Kathie Hampton, Hank and Bettie Ann Hanse, Ron and Sharon Sue Harvey, Jere and Lois Hill, Jim and Meribeth Hill, Fred and Brenda Jackson, Gene and Claudia Johnson, Bob and Kay Johnstone, Ray and JoAnn Laird, Pat and Judy Leary, Gene and Mrs. Lewis, Ronnie and Fran Lohr, Hubert and Phylis Lytle, Don and Terri McGaughy, Larry and Helen Miles, John and Beverly Noah, Steve Northcutt, Jan and Barbara Ogletree, Jim and Arlene Payne, Randy and Maida Perkins, Bob and Teresa Rochelle, TR and Beth Ross, Hank and Kathy Rothell, Joe and Elaine Seibold, Ken and Wanda Schierling, Conner and Mary Scott, Ken and Carole Shaw, Bob and Mary Ann Smith, Virgil and Carolyn Swanberg, Jack and Katy Threet, Alex and Barbara Vana, and Bill and Jan Walker.