Jessie Allaya Tuller


Jessie Allaya Tuller — Jan. 24, 1996-Dec. 17, 2020

Jessie loved both the mountains and the ocean, and such a person could not be contained by this earth. She left us all too soon, and she had so much more to live for.

Jessie was the second youngest of our big bunch of siblings and our brother Bobby’s twin. When she was young, she was a Houdini extraordinaire: she’d challenge all of us to tie her up as best we could, and whatever knot we made or box we stuffed her into, she would manage to get out in seconds.

She loved to dance and sing, and most of all, her prime hobby was doing wild and crazy things with her hair. Every day was new to her; perhaps she viewed the world through a different set of glasses than we. Her contagious smile and never-ceasing enthusiasm will be missed by all who were lucky enough to have met her.

Jessie was preceded in death by her fathers, Claude Tuller, Bobby Randle Sr. (biological); her brother, Jon Tuller; and her sister, Keyshia Sanders. She is survived by her mothers, Kathleen (Toni) Tuller, Brenda Randle (biological); and siblings Kevin, Keith, Jason, Paul, Shane, Charlene, Christian, Quanisha, Bobby and Dwayne. She also leaves behind three beautiful children: Jasmine, Theo and Rosemary.

A private service will be held for family and close friends. In lieu of flowers, please hug someone you love.