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Urban Renewal Authority approves guiding vision and development principles

By Chris Mannara
Staff Writer

The Pagosa Springs Urban Renewal Authority (URA) Commission approved a resolution adopting the guiding vision and development principles for the organization at a regular meeting on July 7.

The initial draft of the documents were made by URA commissioners Mat deGraaf and Greg Schulte, according to agenda documentation.

According to Resolution 2020-03, the URA finds and declares that both the guiding vision and development principles should be consistent with the Town of Pagosa Springs Comprehensive Plan and a study completed by Smart Growth America.

The guiding vision for the URA reads as follows: “Pagosa Springs desires to promote and sustain an authentic Colorado mountain experience in a culturally rich, economically diverse town set in a vibrant, healthy environment. The very existence of the Pagosa Springs Urban Renewal Authority and its efforts should be in support of this vision.”

 The mission statement for the URA notes that the organization’s mission is to “facilitate public and private investment in underutilized areas to address community priorities and create thriving places.”

“I have to fully admit that I took a lot of the verbiage and inspiration from the town’s comp plan and also a little bit of information from the document that the Durango URA put together,” Schulte said during the meeting. “I think it encapsulates most of the commentary that I heard.”

Development principles

Within the development principles, various things are outlined for the URA to use as a guide.

These efforts include but are not limited to: offering a diversity of business, education and job opportunities, protecting the natural environment, embracing historic landmarks, offering a mix of housing choices and encouraging connectivity through efficient multimodal transportation options.

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