Take preventative measures around your home


By Pagosa Fire
Protection District
Special to The SUN
The Pagosa Fire Protection District (PFPD), like many others across the nation, is developing new response plans for our area to adhere to guidance given by the local health department, state and federal mandates, as well as standard operating procedures. The current COVID-19 pandemic has not changed our timely response to emergencies. Additional procedures have been implemented to protect our citizens and our first responders.
We at PFPD would like to encourage our community members to take this time of social distancing to make certain your household has taken preventive measures against emergencies.
Now is a great time to:
• Clean your dryer vent.
• Rake leaves and pine needles away from residence to prepare for wildland fire season.
• Test and clean your smoke detectors.
• Make sure your house address marker is visible from the street. Remember, if we can’t find you, we can’t help you.
All of these items could prevent an emergency from occurring. Prevention is the best way to stay safe and to limit face-to-face exposure during this time of rapid disease spread.
Again, please be assured that should an emergency arise, our firefighters will respond immediately. Never hesitate to call 911 for an emergency situation.