Square dance class enrollment deadline soon


By Carla Roberts
Special to The PREVIEW
The Wild West Squares teaching program will only be accepting new dancer enrollment for a little bit longer, with Feb. 14 the last opportunity to join our beginning program.
Class is from 6 to 7 p.m. at the PLPOA Clubhouse at 230 Port Ave. Call Carla Roberts now to enroll at 903-6478. All classes are free.
Modern western square dance is the real deal when it comes to healthy activity for couples or singles looking for an exciting hobby. Caller Roberts has a unique teaching style crafted over 40 years in the fine arts, bringing together her knowledge of individual learning styles and careful attention to whole body training. The result is dancers who learn to “think on their feet” and enjoy the challenge of working together in a supportive group.
With this modern approach to the uniquely American tradition of square dancing, beginners can improve cardio conditioning, strengthen bones, maintain balance, coordination and range of motion and lower blood pressure — while having fun. The class focus is for everyone to have an enjoyable dance session while learning the building blocks of square dance.
This is noncompetitive and free class open to families, couples and singles. Suggested age for children is at least 8 years old. For more information, call 903-6478.