Medical center evacuated after gas line struck


Construction crews working behind Pagosa Springs Medical Center (PSMC) struck a high-pressure gas line shortly before 4 p.m., causing the majority of the medical center to be evacuated and South Pagosa Boulevard near PSMC to be closed.

Many employees and patients have been evacuated from the facility, while others were moved to the in-patient and emergency wing, where emergency personnel have determined they will be safe based on monitored gas levels, reported PSMC Chief Administrative Officer Ann Bruzzese.

“We have largely evacuated the hospital,” Bruzzese said. Many patients and nonessential staff were sent home.

Too, emergency personnel have closed South Pagosa Boulevard at the site with few exceptions.

“We do not how know long this will take to resolve,” Bruzzese said. The gas company is responding.

The Pagosa Fire Protection District is on scene and is managing for health issues, Bruzzese explained, and made decisions about the level of gas near each part of the building.

PSMC remains open for medical emergencies, with ambulances allowed through. If you have an emergency and are in a personal vehicle, tell the person controlling traffic.

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