New writers’ group launched in Pagosa


By Carla Ryan
Special to The PREVIEW

Several promising authors and poets met recently to form a new writers’ group in Pagosa Springs.

A great deal of enthusiasm was expressed for the idea by those present and the meeting resulted in several early decisions.

The group utilized guidelines from various professional resources and the experience of those present to plan the initial format, focus and upcoming exercises to keep the creativity flowing.

Their key desires for the group are: 1) to have fun; 2) encourage and support each other with respect; and 3) to learn and grow in the craft of writing.

Many of the beginning writers intend to work toward eventual publication of their projects. A few are already published authors and are in the process of developing new book projects.

The group is open to all genres and skill levels, as well as to additional writers in the area who have a desire to strengthen their talents and brainstorm with other like-minded individuals. A name for the group has yet to be decided.

The initial “members” decided to meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Ruby Sisson Library.

Carla Ryan is currently the contact person for the group. For more information, call her at (303) 358-0069 or email