District, town to discuss dual fire marshal authority


The Pagosa Fire Protection District (PFPD) has agreed to have a discussion with the town regarding an interagency agreement (IAA) that would pertain to fire marshal services within the town.

At the PFPD’s regular board meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 12, Town Mayor Don Volger and Town Manager Greg Schulte attended to discuss the town taking over fire marshal services with the board.

PFPD Assistant Chief Randy Larson spoke on behalf of the board, and he began the discussion by asking the town exactly what their expectations were.

“I think what we want to know is exactly what you are expecting from us as a fire district in the Town of Pagosa Springs,” began Larson.

“The primary issue is the fire inspections,” responded Volger. “We were concerned that those haven’t been done to the standard we would like them done, they haven’t been done as often as we would like, and there have been some concerns expressed.”

Volger went on to say that they had decided they would like the inspections done at a certain standard, and that, as far as he was aware, the PFPD and the town have dual authority in the town.

“What we’d like to do is get to the table and see if we can work out some kind of interagency agreement, an MOU, to move forward so we don’t have a duplication of services within your district and within the town,” Volger stated.



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