Ballots for upcoming election to be mailed Oct. 13


Archuleta County will be holding a coordinated mail ballot election on Tuesday, Nov. 3, and ballots are set to be mailed to active voters beginning Oct. 13.

All Colorado elections are now held via mail.

The ballot includes elections for the boards of education for the Archuleta, Bayfield and Ignacio school districts. The election will also have one state proposition, one Archuleta County ballot question and one ballot question for the Pagosa Fire Protection District.

Ballot contents

Set to appear on this election’s ballots are the following issues and questions.

While the entire ballot contents follow, voter’s ballots will not contain everything. Instead, ballots will only contain the races and issues that a voter is eligible to vote on based on his or her physical address (what school district the voter resides in, and if they reside within the Pagosa Fire Protection District or not).

For the Archuleta School District Board of Education, Jason Peterson is running for District 2, Greg Schick is running for District 3, and Bill Hudson and Lisl Keuning are vying for the District 4 position.

Janie Hoover, Carol L. Blatnick, Deborah Wilhelm and Mike Foutz are running for three positions on the Bayfield School District Board of Education.

Michael Montoya, Kelly P. McCaw, Jay Dee Brunson, Cynthia D. Dale, Germaine S. Ewing, Agnes Sanchez, Yvonne Conley-Chapman and Doug Little are running for three positions on the Ignacio School District Board of Education.

There are also three ballot questions in this election.

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