Long may she wave


Old Glory.

The Stars and Stripes.

The Star Spangled Banner.

No matter what you call it, the American flag stands for freedom and hope for mankind. There exists perhaps no greater symbol of national pride in the United States than the American flag.

Flying the flag honors every serviceman and woman who has pledged to protect and defend it — some who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Have you noticed the special care that is given to the American flag when it is hoisted up a flagpole? It is formality reserved for the symbol of our country as it flies with honor; it is given with honor and should be retired with honor.

Legionnaires Jim Huffman, Harry Harris, Warren Grams, Don Brenno, Ernie Garcia and Roy Vega retired about 200 flags with honor last Saturday following the American Legion prescribed ceremony — a ceremony that honors Old Glory with dignity and reverence.

The American Legion Post thanks all those who turned in their flags for proper and respectful disposal.

The Post encourages the replacement of worn, faded and frayed flags with new, bright and intact ones anytime throughout the year.


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