Julie Loar to present ‘Egypt: Ancient Deities and Timeless Wisdom’ at Luminosity Talks


By Lynnzie Sutton
Special to The PREVIEW

“Egypt: Ancient Deities and Timeless Wisdom” will be presented by Julie Loar at Luminosity Talks, Friday, Nov. 7, from 6:20 to 8:30 p.m. Luminosity meets at the PLPOA Vista Clubhouse, 230 Port Ave.

The monuments and history of Egypt are endlessly fascinating for people around the world. The Egyptian civilization flourished for more than 4,000 years and the legacy and influence of the ancient Egyptians permeates most cultures.

The gods, goddesses and monuments of Egypt maintain their mystery and fascination, having a transforming power on the minds and hearts of millions who still visit Egypt every year. The true origin and manner of construction of the enormous pyramids swirls in controversy and the nature of ancient rituals in majestic temples stirs our imagination.

Why are we so fascinated with pyramids and pharaohs? What has drawn millions of people to visit the country that borders the great Nile River every year?

Join Loar as she shares experiences and pictures of the lure of this ancient land drawn from her many journeys to Egypt. She will cover the myths, magic and ancient wisdom of Egypt and share how this knowledge can inform our modern lives.

Loar is the multiple award-winning author of six books and dozens of articles. She has visited Egypt 11 times and led tours to Egypt, Greece and the American Southwest. She has been fascinated with the ancient culture since the age of 3, when she collected images from National Geographic.

Over the years, she has gathered many transforming experiences and numerous powerful images. She has reclaimed past life memories and stories from current temple guardians whose ancestors have long stood in the shadows of the monuments and temples in this ancient land.

Her latest book, “Goddesses for Every Day: Exploring the Wisdom and Power of the Divine Feminine around the World,” has won three national awards. Her books have been translated into several languages. Her popular mythology feature appears in Atlantis Rising Magazine, and she has been a featured contributor on John Edward’s website InfiniteQuest.com, where she had her own Internet show. She also writes a monthly Dream Oracle for Satiama.com.

Luminosity Talks is a positive-intention group presenting speakers who uplift, inform and inspire on topics of spirituality, natural health, energy and frequency medicine, alternative films, organic gardening and much more. Our natural focus is awakening wisdom and how it is lived; including a new earth and new way of living that is in harmony with the planet and each other.