In Memoriam-Andy Talamante, Jr.


Andy Talamante Jr.

In loving memory

Andy Talamante Jr.

July 23, 1969-Oct. 16, 2010

“We Can Trust”

We do not know from day to day, why disappointments come our way, why hopes may crumble into dust, we do not know — but we can trust.

We cannot see what lies ahead beyond the road of life we tread, but travel on we know we must, and when we cannot see — we must.

We do not always understand the purpose of all God has planned, or why some things for which we lust we are denied — but still we trust.

Till shadows are absorbed in light, until our faith is full in sight with feeble efforts to be just, we reach toward him — for we can trust.

Missing you with all our hearts.


Mom, Dad, Carol, Adolph, Marino, Audrey, Adam, Angalene and families