CPW seeks public input on importation of crayfish into Colorado through July 30


Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is asking the public for input on the importation of crayfish into the state. The public comment period is open through July 30.

Recently, CPW has become aware of a significant market for live crayfish that are primarily imported into Colorado from outside of the state. 

CPW believes that the major species being imported is the red swamp crayfish, a species that is currently not allowed to be imported or possessed in Colorado.

Regulations prohibiting the import, transport and possession of most live crayfish into Colorado have been in place for decades in an effort to protect Colorado’s natural aquatic ecosystems and native species. Rusty crayfish in particular have been a top invasive concern for CPW since their detection in the state in 2009.

In response to this emerging market for red swamp crayfish, CPW is reviewing current crayfish regulations, and seeking input from the public on importing red swamp crayfish into Colorado.

Public input process

Members of the public can learn more about the regulation review process and share their feedback at EngageCPW.org through July 30.

Crayfish regulations are tentatively scheduled to be discussed at the July 17 Fish Health Board meeting and the Aug. 24-25 Parks and Wildlife Commission meeting.