Healthy Archuleta hosts Kids in the Mountain Garden Program

Photo courtesy Healthy Archuleta

Healthy Archuleta hosts a Kids in the Mountain Garden Program on July 16. Kids helped plant garden beds at the Vista Lake Community Garden before making onion dip and wraps using fresh ingredients.

Healthy Archuleta

On July 16, the youth of Healthy Archuleta put on the Kids in the Mountain Garden Program. 

All our team members arrived around 3:30 p.m. to start setting up and looking over what the program was going to look like. Unfortunately, because of the other events that were going on, we were most likely not going to have the biggest turnout, but that was not going to stop us from making it fun for everyone. 

After we set up all that was needed, we started to help weed the garden beds that we were going to plant in so that they would all be ready for seeding. To help us with what to seed, a Vista Lake Community Learning and Leadership Circle (CLLC) member provided the seeds for carrots, kale and greens to have the kids plant amongst the beds. 

In the first bed, we planted carrots in different rows throughout the garden bed. The kids were a bit hesitant to plant the carrots at first, but they eventually joined in and finished planting the rest of the first garden bed. 

We then got to plant the next garden bed with kale, and the kids were very excited to plant this next bed. We were later joined by two more kids to help plant the remaining beds with baby greens. 

After all the beds were planted, we later got the kids to help make a dip with onions from the garden. The first thing the kids did was harvest some onion tips from the garden. They later took those onion tips and put them into a bowl where, with help from the youth, they combined sour cream and cream cheese. The kids were very enthusiastic about helping out in this process by whisking the ingredients together until it was prepared. The kids were all giggling and smiling while giving each other turns on whisking. 

When the dip was finished, we made some homemade wraps using chard leaves, tomatoes and some radishes. On one chard leaf, we put a scoop of dip and then some tomatoes and radish slices on top. Everyone really enjoyed munching on this delicacy. 

Overall, this was a wonderful day to spend with the kids as they got to experience garden education. We hope that in the future there will be more kids to experience this wonderful program.

The above story was shared by a Healthy Archuleta Youth Community Learning and Leadership Circle member.