Safe2Tell reports decrease 79 percent in June


Attorney General Phil Weiser’s office

Safe2Tell received 547 reports in June, a 79 percent decrease when compared to May, according to the monthly report released recently. The decrease in reports is typical during summer break.

Suicide threats (87), drugs (37) and child abuse (33) were among the top categories of reports. June was the sixth month in a row this 2022-2023 school year to surpass reporting volume comparatively for the same time period last school year (2021-2022). June also saw suicide threats return to the top category. 

To date for the 2022-2023 school year, Safe2Tell has received 21,992 reports. 

 “While we typically see a decrease in reports during months when schools are not in session, we also recognize that those months can be a challenging time for youth mental health and the continued suicide threats reported to Safe2Tell is a message to Coloradans that much work remains to be done,” said Attorney General Phil Weiser. “Our school communities extend beyond the school year and it’s important our students know they have support year-round, even during breaks. We will continue to be available through Safe2Tell should an urgent safety need arise.”

In this school year, false reports are 2.8 percent of all reports submitted to Safe2Tell. False reports are those that contain untrue information and are submitted with the intent to harm, injure or bully another person.

In June, anonymous reports to Safe2Tell from students and other individuals successfully helped protect students’ safety. For example:

• A person reported concern about their friend who went days without answering their phone. They worried about their friend’s health and safety at home. Local teams conducted a welfare check, spoke with the student and involved Department of Human Services.

• A person reported that a student shared their plans to take their life. School teams contacted the students’ parents, who took the student to the hospital.

Safe2Tell is a successful violence intervention and prevention program for students to anonymously report threats to their own, and others’, safety. Safe2Tell is not an emergency response unit nor mental health counseling service provider; it is an information pathway for distributing anonymous reports to local law enforcement and school officials pursuant to state law.

To make a report, individuals can call (877) 542-7233 from anywhere, at any time. Reports also can be made at or through the Safe2Tell mobile app, which is available on the Apple App Store or Google Play.