Wings education center students hike to Opal Lake


By Sherry Milligan | Wings Early Childhood Education Center

Living out their mission, the students, staff and parents of Wings Early Childhood Education Center took to the outdoors recently for a family day hike to Opal Lake. 

Wings centers its educational philosophy around nature, so having this family day allowed it to put its ideas into action. 

The hike to Opal Lake was a tough one for the students, who conquered the steep first part of the trail. 

 “I was so proud of our kids and actually a little surprised. All but one child hiked the entire way up and down, and Opal Lake has quite an incline. We all had such a blast with our families,” said Becca Gartman, director of the Wings school. 

About one-third of the families and most of the staff took part in the day-long hike.