Piedra Road construction set to start June 6

Illustration courtesy Archuleta County

By Josh Pike | Staff Writer

Archuleta County posted to its website on June 5 notifying residents that construction and associated detours for the repaving of Piedra Road between Cloud Cap Avenue and Steven’s Lake Road will begin on June 6.

It notes that the project is intended to repave this section of road to address “severe road damage from potholes.”

The press release explains that all local traffic coming from the south will be directed through Cloud Cap Avenue to North Pagosa Boulevard as a detour route and traffic from the north will be directed to take Mission Drive to North Pagosa Boulevard.

It adds that heavy trucks and trailers must not enter Piedra Road between the intersection with U.S. 160 and the intersection with North Pagosa Boulevard unless their final destination is south of Mission Drive.

It notes that such vehicles should otherwise use North Pagosa Boulevard from U.S. 160 as an alternative route.

“Archuleta County asks that all Piedra Road travelers respect the advised detour routes and use caution when driving through neighborhoods and around road construction workers and equipment,” the press release requests.

It concludes by stating that construction on Piedra Road should be completed by the end of August.