Countywide Women’s Bible Study continuing study on John


By Stan Counsell | Countywide Women’s Bible Study

The Countywide Women’s Bible Study is continuing its study of the Gospel of John. 

The apostle John, much like many of us, had a “unique” walk with Jesus. He was born into privilege and probably use to getting his way. As such, he was naturally absorbed with his “position of importance” with Jesus. His temper was short, thereby earning him and his brother the moniker of “sons of thunder.” Yet, in time, his following of Jesus melted his arrogance into that of being “the disciple whom Jesus loved.” What a change. His character became one of humility and profound love for Jesus. He became very instrumental in the development of the Early Church. John was no longer motivated to seek fleshly importance; he became uneasy with religious titles and tried to avoid them. 

Our English Bibles take the very colorful Hebrew and Greek words and put them into the simplicity of English, thereby missing much of what the biblical language was saying. So, we naturally apply that wording to our current mindset, finding ourselves missing numerous delights in God’s Word. Here are some examples that have recently been discussed. 

When Mary told Jesus that the wine had run out, it is only natural that we continue reading not grasping what Mary really meant and why she spoke up. Was she being nosy, a pushy busybody trying to “assist” Jesus? Just what was Mary’s purpose in speaking to her son? 

When Jesus answered, “Woman, my time has not yet come,” what was He really saying to her? Was He rebuking her, telling her to mind her own business, not to make demands of him? Or even worse, was He being disinterested or lost in His own thoughts? Just what “time” was Jesus referring to? 

When Mary told the servants to do what Jesus said, again, what jewels we can miss. In frustration, did she order the servants around because she was Jesus’ mother? Was she trying to “force” Jesus into action because of His perceived indifference? Did she want things to go her way? 

What was the importance of the servants filling the jars with water, then taking a cup of it to the steward of the banquet? Did Jesus give the servants that warning look to obey Mary? The answers to all those questions is a clear no. But, with understanding the Greek sentence structure and ancient Hebrew culture, one’s eyes see with clarity.

This women’s study is a market of sorts, but not a lecture. The ladies are not just sitting around. It’s their study. All questions, comments and opinions are theirs and much appreciated. There isn’t a lecturer, rather a “tour guide” that facilitates, not one that “runs the show.” There aren’t any books or brochures to buy; it’s a come-as-you-are event. Just bring your heart, mind, questions and Bibles to learn from each other.

Your facilitator is Roberta (‘Bert) Counsell, an active-status international ordained pastor for women of every age. She has ministered, with her husband, from San Diego, Calif., to Colorado for more than 30 years. She would love to welcome you because you are preciously loved by God. It’s enjoyable to take your shoes off and let your hair down. Learning can be such fun.

This nondenominational gathering meets every Tuesday morning from 10 to 11:30 a.m. in the spacious Grace in Pagosa fellowship hall at 1044 Park Ave., across from the Recreation Center. For added information, please call (970) 264-9931.