James George Weber


James George Weber passed away unexpectedly on April 19, just five days shy of his 65th birthday. Known to everyone as Jim, he was born on April 24, 1958, in Nyack, N.Y. He grew up in New City, N.Y., where he met his future wife, Jackie, in 1976. He was a master VW mechanic at age 16 and owned an auto repair/body shop with his brother. They repaired and restored many classic cars, and he still loved those classics until the day he passed. He started drumming as a teenager, and Jackie could hear him drumming from down the block when she’d go to see him after work. 

They got engaged in 1978 and married in 1980. By this time, Jim was a welder and worked in some maximum-security prisons, which probably prepared him for the sons he was to raise. They welcomed their first child in 1981 and just kept going until 2002. He and Jackie built their first home in 1985 and, soon after, he got into the woodworking business where he remained for 37 years. He was virtually always self-employed and brought his skills to Pagosa Springs when the whole family moved west in 2004. He was an involved father, building skateboard ramps and taking the family on many road trips, often incorporating stops at different skate parks. He built fun things for his girls, too, and used his drawing skills to spend quiet time with them. He was a great host at home and loved to serve anyone Blue Moon in a frosted glass when they came for dinner, a Broncos game, to watch a movie or just practice music. 

In 2017, he was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer, and after going through unsuccessful radiation treatments for it, had to have a laryngectomy in 2018. He was an inspiration to everyone around him, learning to communicate as best he could, and those who were closest to him became adept at reading his lips. He eventually joined the JP II choir as its first drummer, and the congregation just loved it. He was very blessed by the encouragement and support of his family and friends. 

He has a client list a mile long and never had to advertise his skills. He had friends who became clients, and clients who became dear friends. He had an amazing work ethic and could make or repair almost anything that anyone needed. He enjoyed watching football, baseball and auto auctions, and loved learning how things are made. He was an amazing pool player, and even though he was hard to beat, he always welcomed the competition. 

He and Jackie have enjoyed many road trips together, visiting U.S. landmarks, family and friends, and attending concerts and Yankees games. They recently made their first international trip to Okinawa to meet their new grandson. He would be so happy to see how his family has come together for him to take care of their mom and his business, which they will try to keep going as a legacy to him.

Jim is survived by his wife, Jackie, of 42 years; his sons: Chris, Anthony, Joe, Matt, James and David; his daughter, Hope; sons-in-law, Jon and Richard; daughter-in-law Naomi; grandsons Joshua, Vash, and Lukas; soon-to-be-born granddaughter Indie; and sisters Beth and Marjan. He was predeceased by his parents, Frank and Marjorie; brother Don; and his first-born, Katy.

Funeral Mass will be held at Pope John Paul II Catholic Church on Saturday, May 6, at 10 a.m., inurnment to follow in the church columbarium. There will be a meal served afterward in the JP II narthex.