Tickets available for ‘Last Call at The Riptide’

Photo courtesy Thingamajig Theatre Company
“Last Call at The Riptide” by Karl Isberg will open March 16 at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts. Tickets are available at

By Laura Moore

Thingamajig Theatre Company

Thingamajig Theatre Company is (reluctantly) presenting another play by Karl Isberg. 

“Last Call at The Riptide” opens March 16 at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts. It is like “Saturday Night Live” — loosely scripted, hilariously played, quick and sharp, and so full of pee-your-pants-funny that you might need to pop up on stage and borrow their Depends.

The show stars returning locals Kathy Isberg on piano and Ivy King, and introduces locals Karisa Bruin, who brings decade of performance experience in the Chicago improv scene, and Dan O’Conor, whomever that might be, and one other guy.

The story goes that Barb bought The Riptide when it was the place to be — the hottest nightclub in Teeterville.

But things change over time and, now, the lounge is on the brink of disaster. Can Barb and her crew revive the beloved bar and save the dream? 

Directed by Melissa Firlit, the driving force behind Thingamajig’s award-winning “Jekyll and Hyde” and from the writer that brought you the sold-out show that had to extend it’s run — “Welcome to Siberia, Now Go Home” — “Last Call at The Riptide” will have you mindlessly laughing along or hopeless lost. It’s hard to say which. But, if you can keep up with the pace — you might be reminded of one small lesson amidst it’s comedic debauchery: That surely this life is too insane to take seriously. 

“Last Call at the Riptide by Karl Isberg opens March 16-19 and March 23-25. Tickets are available at

It is completely inappropriate for folks under 18 years old and devoid of a bawdy sense of humor.