Fire district releases information on explosion incident


By Pagosa Fire Protection District Public Information Division

Pagosa Fire Protection District (PFPD) was called to respond to a possible house explosion in the 300 block of Starlight Place at 11:25 a.m. on Friday, March 10. 

The notification was received through the 911 system managed by Archuleta County Combined Dispatch.

The first arriving engine company completed scene size up of an unknown size structure which was completely demolished. Structural remains had no visible flames and light smoke emanating from the rubble. Firefighters pulled 1 ¾ hose line for suppression and safety.

Fire officer also observed bystanders attempting to remove one occupant of the structure. Occupant was partially obstructed by debris; firefighters and medical personnel assisted with debris removal and occupant extrication. Patient care was transferred to awaiting medical units.

Firefighters completed secondary assessment to determine and mitigate additional hazards. Heat and smoke were found in a wood stove; firefighters extinguished heat source. 

PFPD responded with two engines, two tenders, one chief vehicle, two support vehicles, one fire marshal vehicle, twelve volunteer firefighters and seven paid personnel.  Upper San Juan Hospital District was on-scene for incident support and patient treatment and transport.  Archuleta County Emergency Operations personnel were on-scene to assist with incident stabilization and investigation support.

PFPD was on scene for approximately an hour and a half.

One patient was transported by ambulance to local medical facilities.

There are no firefighter injuries to report. The accident is under investigation.