Colorado Avalanche Information Center reports ongoing search and rescue, two other avalanche incidents


Colorado Avalanche Information Center

There were two confirmed accidents in the Southern Mountains yesterday.

Two backcountry skiers were caught, buried and killed in an avalanche near Vallecito Reservoir (8,500 feet, northwest aspect). You can read the preliminary report here

Additionally, a snowmobiler was caught, carried, and injured in the Hourglass Path near Wolf Creek Pass (~11,000 feet, north aspect).

There is an ongoing search and rescue effort for a snowmobiler in a third area of the southern mountains.

Heavy snowfall and very strong winds battered the Colorado mountains last week. The weather briefly eased this weekend and the avalanche danger is slowly decreasing. The key word is slowly. The avalanche danger is Moderate (level 2 of 5) across the state, which means you can trigger a dangerous avalanche on specific slopes. Check the forecast for the area where you intend to travel, get the details, and make a plan that keeps you out of those dangerous areas.

In the southern mountains, there was more snow and much stronger winds in low-elevation areas than we typically see. These areas may be more dangerous than you’d expect. Please use extra caution today.

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