Countywide Women’s Bible Study announces new study


By Stan Counsell | Countywide Women’s Bible Study

The Countywide Women’s Bible Study is back for ladies of every age.  

A hard snow just can’t keep good women down, huh?  There’s something about thirsting for a greater understanding of God’s Word, and it’s fun to learn, that motivates women even through a difficult storm.

Yes, the Countywide Women’s Bible Study is again going full-speed ahead.  The new and exciting topic of discussion is “The Book of Joshua.”  Just who was Joshua and what did God do to sharpen his leadership skills?  Moses had to deal with rebellions, grumblings, and flesh-driven accusations by his stubborn and disgruntled Hebrew followers.  Without the Lord, how could Moses have carried on in leading God’s people for 40 painful years in the wilderness?

Before his death, Moses prayerfully chose a new leader for the Hebrew people, a godly and loyal man named Joshua.  Joshua was but one of only two men that were with Moses from Egypt onward.  He witnessed all the pains and struggles that Moses had to endure.  Yet, Joshua remained a faithful follower of the Lord and Moses’ leadership.  What molded Joshua into the man that stands today as a delightful, powerful and loyal example for us as we endeavor to walk with God?

For every question we might have, the Book of Joshua has profoundly clear answers presented by the study’s moderator, ‘Bert (Roberta) Counsell, a women’s pastor for more than 30 years.  She holds an active ordination with a worldwide Christian evangelical organization encompassing more than 4,400 churches in over 116 nations.

Counsell has always believed that learning God’s Word should be fun and enlightening for the inquisitive minds, those seeking to know and experience a greater depth in their relationship with the Lord.  This study isn’t presented in a stoic or somber “spiritual” atmosphere.  The ladies enjoy learning, laughing, knowing God’s love and making strong bonds with each other.  Questions and feedback are an expected constant that all enjoy.

This women’s study meets every Tuesday morning from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at the Grace in Pagosa campus fellowship hall.  The address is 1044 Park Ave., across the street from the Recreation Center.  Bring your favorite Bible, an inquisitive mind and personality.  Clear and open-ended learning is always fun to enjoy.  

If you have any questions, please call (970) 264-9931, Counsell will gladly receive your call.