Lester E. Rivas


Lester E. Rivas was born April 16, 1937 to Alfredo Rivas and Isabelle Lister-Rivas. In 1959 he married the love of his life, Lila C. Chavez (Lollipops). On the one-year anniversary of laying their son Anthony to rest, Lester was called home by the heavenly father. 

Lester and Lila had four children, Rosemary Salas (Danny), Jeff Rivas (Tanya), Anthony Rivas (Jackie), and Isabel Vita (Eddie). They had seven grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren. We were rich, not because we had money, but because we had each other and always music. Rosemary wrote this poem for her dad’s retirement party and he loved it so much that the family said she should share it, so she tweaked it to fit the occasion.

A Tribute to the Urban Cowboy (Lester Rivas’ Karaoke Playlist):

It is a “family tradition” that we celebrate dad’s going home with music from his nieces, nephews, and god children. He is probably saying “play me some mountain music” to the Rivas family choir. I will “fall to pieces” before this tribute is over but I am going to try and get through this “before the next teardrop falls.” Thank you for joining our family to not leave “this long-haired country boy alone.” 

This “Fireman,” along with his Lollipop, “a goodhearted woman,” has over the years created a “Ring of Fire” of love for their family, friends and everyone they knew. We are privileged and humbled that you could join us to celebrate the “Honkey Tonk Man” throughout his life. 

Over the years, the children of the family have all asked Grandpa, “Tell me about the good ole’ days” and he has shared stories about things he did “Under the Neon Moon, “in them old cotton fields” or “under the boardwalk” in his “pink sport coat and a pink carnation.” He would talk about “This magic moment” or “The wild thing” with his “Rose Colored Glasses” and “Blue Suede Shoes.” But the story he never let us forget is when he saved that “Brown Eyed Girl” from drowning at the spa on Hot Springs Blvd. The rest of the story is in front of your eyes. 

From “Las Mananitas” “Hasta la Ultima Parranda,” “Un Pobra No Mas” will save us “Un Rinconcito En El Cielo” in his “Mansion on the Hilltop.” On Nov. 6, the Lord sent “Seven Spanish Angels” to fly my dad on the “Wings of A Snow White Dove” and my dad is saying to all of us “Turn Me Loose And Set Me Free.”