Healthy Archuleta provides update on Vista Lake Community Garden

Photo courtesy Healthy Archuleta
The Vista Lake Community Garden garden beds have been cleaned and turned ready for their long winter’s nap. However, work continues as the shade structure poles are set in place, ready for a canopy come spring. The Community Leadership and Learning Circle will be using the winter months to create spring and summer events in this new area. Look for more information come February 2023.

Healthy Archuleta

Unfortunately, Healthy Archuleta’s hopes for the first annual Harvest Hustle were a bust due to the bad weather last Sunday. 

On an up note, members of the Community Leadership and Learning Circle (CLLC) stepped up to put the garden beds to rest, and old plants were added to the manure compost and covered for the winter. The dirt in the beds was turned for a long winter’s rest, plus thyme and rosemary were transplanted into pots to be looked after till the next season. The asparagus was pulled and is being protected in peat moss until it makes its way to its new home in the tilled area. 

However, purple kale and microgreens can still be harvested until a heavy frost covers them.