Group to discuss spiritual experiences


By Laurah Brock Young | Spiritual Experiences Group of Pagosa Springs

Have you had a spiritual experience? Would you like to understand more about it? Could it be that your experience was trying to tell you something about yourself? These types of experiences are gifts, and the personal insights you gain from them can enrich your daily life. 

Thirty-three percent of people polled say they have had a spiritual experience. Topics for discussion include various types of these spiritual experiences such as coincidences and amazing connections, miracles of protection and guidance, past life recall, dreams, out-of-body experiences and more.

You’ll have the opportunity to try a spiritual exercise. In addition, we’ll offer other tools to help you gain a better understanding of your experiences and how the divine works in our lives.

The please join us on Aug. 14 at 1 p.m. at the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association Clubhouse. The address is 230 Port Ave.. This free discussion is sponsored by Eckankar.

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