Dandelions and lawns


By Ethan Proud  | PREVIEW Columnist

Dandelions, like other lawn weeds, can be a bother to those who desire a manicured lawn, which brings the most common reason for dandelion management to the surface: the aesthetics of a nice green lawn. 

The best management method for dandelions is to keep your lawn healthy by fertilizing, inter-seeding, and good mowing and watering practices. Herbicides can be handy and you should always use a herbicide registered for use in turf when applying to a manicured grass lawn.

The problem with a lawn and managing one is that diversity creates a resilient ecosystem. Just like in monocrop systems, a lot of your time managing a lawn will be devoted to weed management. 

Dandelions are not classified as a noxious weed, and therefore your neighbor’s yard which may be laden with yellow flowers is not enforceable by weed management.

It may just be easier to live with dandelions in the long run. Not only are they a food source for pollinators such as bees, they are beneficial in other ways. Dandelions are a soil stabilizer and have deeper roots than most turf-forming grasses, meaning that they can utilize water deeper in the soil that would be available to more insidious weeds that may be creeping into your lawn. Dandelions are also edible and can be made into wine or tea. Throughout history, dandelions have been used medicinally.

At the end of the day, it is your choice to manage the dandelions in your yard, but it may be a losing battle. Converting green space into prairie ecosystems or xeriscape gardens is a new trend (or an old trend picking up momentum), that is both water-wise and resilient.

Archuleta County Weed and Pest is your local resource for managing noxious weed populations and controlling other pests. 

Archuleta County Fair

The Archuleta County Fair is set for Aug. 4-7. 

Have you ever wanted to enter the Archuleta County Fair? Are you a woodworker, potter, jeweler, photographer, painter or knitter? Or, maybe you grow vegetables or bake cookies? Would you like to showcase your creations? These are just some of the many divisions that you can enter in Open Class. 

Go to https://www.archuletacountyfair.com and look up the 2022 Fair Book for the rules. Judging will be Aug. 3. 

If you have further questions, please email archuletacountyfair@gmail.com. 

You could earn a Grand Champion ribbon at the Archuleta County Fair.

Volunteers needed

Archuleta County 4-H needs volunteers. We are looking for a short-term commitment for superintendents at the county fair. 

Please contact our office at (970) 264-5931 or contact 4-H Coordinator Becky Jacobson at rjacobson@archuletacounty.org.

CPR and first aid classes

CPR and first aid certification classes are offered every other month (February, April, June, August, October and December) from 6 to 10 p.m. The cost for the classes is $80 for combined CPR/first aid, and $55 for CPR, first aid or recertification. Call the Extension office at (970) 264-5931 to register.

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