Wings Early Childhood Center’s preschoolers graduate

Photo courtesy Wings Early Childhood Center
Seven preschoolers graduated during Wings Early Childhood Center’s second annual preschool graduation on June 3.

By Rebecca Gartman | Wings Early Childhood Center

Wings Early Childhood Center held its second annual preschool graduation on June 3 and watched seven students graduate. 

Many families attended to watch their children take flight and enter a new chapter in their education. One student was so enthused by the event that he wore a tuxedo. 

When asked about his snazzy outfit, his mother said, “He was so excited about his graduation, he came home last night and picked out his entire outfit for today.”

Children and their families oftentimes choose to go to many different schools in town. Wings has one child who will be attending Lutheran Preschool, two children who will be marching off to Pagosa Springs Elementary School and more than half of Wings’ preschoolers will be flying away to Pagosa Peak Open School. Parents and teachers alike are proud to send their children to such wonderful schools.

After each preschooler crossed the outdoor stage, they received their certificate, smiled for the camera and ran proudly to sit with family and boast about their new accomplishment. Many parents showed support and happy faces while watching their children walk across the stage with their big smiles and pausing to pose for a picture. 

Wings is proud to watch so many happy families and children grow within the community. They are looking forward to seeing how each student will grow and flourish in their new educational journey.