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Local group celebrates National Trails Day by cleaning up Treasure Falls

By Annie Pack | San Juan Back Country Horsemen 

This past Saturday, the San Juan Back Country Horsemen celebrated National Trails Day by cleaning up the gateway to Pagosa Springs: Treasure Falls.

As locals, we tend to forget this heavily traveled area and just how many visitors stop and view the falls — many of us are deeper in the forest and wilderness areas.

There were 21 members and other volunteers who came out in force armed with tools to trim, prune, sweep, pick up debris and litter, paint signs, remove unwanted stickers on forest property, and weed eat. Trail work was also a priority. Shrub limbs and tree limbs were used to block dangerous “cut throughs” made by hikers. A special thank you to Katie Betts and Girl Scout Troop 25075; these young girls never cease to amaze us with their work ethic. Truly, they are a breath of fresh air.

The Forest Service provided “goodie bags” for the youngest of our volunteers; they provided so many that we were able to hand them out to other young visitors; they loved them.

“Like many public land management agencies, the Pagosa Ranger District has come to increasingly rely on the help from volunteers to care for forest resources which are so important to our local community as well as visitors to the area. We are especially grateful in this instance for the work conceived, organized and undertaken by local chapters of the Back Country Horsemen and Girl Scouts to collect and dispose of litter, repair infrastructure and improve trail conditions at one of the most heavily visited and valued sites on the forest — Treasure Falls — in celebration of this year’s National Trails Day,” said Paul Blackman, district recreation program manager.

A special thank you to all in our community who get out there and get the job done; there is much to do and with the help of so many, it makes it easier and has such a positive result. Keep up the good work, everyone.

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