William Christopher Miller


William Christopher Miller, known as Chris and Fer Fer to family, born in May on Friday the 13th, 1983, to his parents Patricia Lynn and Victor Miller, grandson to Billy and Helen Lynn; lost his battle with depression and anxiety on Dec. 31, 2021. 

Although he didn’t see his worth himself, he had accomplished being a fifth-degree black belt in taekwondo, avid music listener and poet, he became a dad to his two little sisters and loved being a father to his two beautiful daughters, which he was the one who fed us his delicious food, bathed and disciplined us. He showed us how to fish, how to clean dishes and fold laundry, taught us foods that we could cook by ourselves, introduced us to the video games and the music we enjoy today. Chris may not have realized it, but he was a son, brother and dad to his family and a friend to many others. 

We know he had been dealing with his mental illness for many years and struggled constantly, wanted to give up, but we always made sure he knew we would help him in any way we could or just be there for him to talk to. Recently, he had been showing small signs of improvements, but it was not enough. We all feel lost, angry and sad that everything we did for him still wasn’t enough to help him. He was definitely not perfect and didn’t try to be, but aren’t we all somewhat like that? I’m sorry we couldn’t help you, Fer Fer, but now there is no anxiety, no pain, no regrets, you are not suffering anymore; but I hope you know now how much we love you and how we look forward to the day when we can see and hold you again.