Feedback sought on uptown community playground


By Emily Murphy | Pagosa Peak Open School

The words “zipline,” “garden,” “pavilion” and “slide” decorate the rough sketch of a recreational area made by Pagosa Peak Open School (PPOS) stakeholders. 

With less than six weeks to submit a proposal for the Capital Infrastructure Intergenerational Physical Activity Funding Grant, this small group of PPOS parents has brainstormed ideas for an ideal outdoor space that supports Pagosa Springs’ uptown community, and they are ready to hear from you.

On Tuesday, Jan. 11, at 5:30 p.m., this group invites all Pagosa Springs community members to share their input for the design and construction of a community recreational area around the school. 

The meeting will be held at PPOS, 7 Parelli Way. This new community playground would provide opportunities for all ages to participate in outdoor activities during off-school hours. The committee is also looking for feedback through a survey:

As a member of our community, what do you see for this space? Adult activities? Edible landscape? A bouldering wall? Basketball courts? The possibilities are endless and all ideas are welcome.

“I am super excited about the uptown community having support in a recreational area,” Elly Osmera, PPOS board member said. “We have hopes of making a beautiful community space for the whole family. While this space supports PPOS, it also supports the Forge, the Arts Initiative and all our neighbors uptown.”

Parents at PPOS have asked for the board and staff to look into possibilities for improving the playground for students. With this grant, more than just PPOS students will benefit. 

“I picture this space being friendly for toddlers through adults,” Osmera said. “This is a question we’d like to ask our community at the meeting. Is an adult-friendly space something we all want?”

PPOS is looking not only for information from the community, but also for bids from builders to do this work. With a three-month school renovation project beginning in May, this summer provides perfect timing for outdoor improvements as well. The committee needs plans drawn and hopes for at least two bids before the grant’s Feb. 15 deadline. For those interested in submitting bids, please contact Osmera at