Judge’s order: Propane suppliers can ‘fill any Bob’s LP Gas, Inc. customer tanks that are below 50% capacity’


Mike Le Roux
Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office

A court order by Chief Judge Jeffrey Wilson of the Sixth Judicial District of Colorado was issued earlier today authorizing “any and all propane suppliers to fill any Bob’s LP Gas, Inc. customer tanks that are below 50% capacity, for a period of thirty (30) days.”

The court order was the result of a suit filed by Colorado Attorney General Philip J. Weiser v. “BOB’S LP GAS, INC.; and ROBERT SIVERS,” defendants, following multiple customers experiencing propane delivery interruptions in Archuleta County, with some customers running out of propane.

The suit followed a declaration of a local disaster issued for Archuleta County by County Manager Derek Woodman on Friday.

That declaration notes that: “southwest Colorado has recently been experiencing substantial snowfall and freezing temperatures, with temperatures expected to remain low in the upcoming weeks; and … these freezing temperatures present substantial risk of injury or death to those who are unable to adequately heat their houses, especially at night … leaving many vulnerable Archuleta County residents without access to any heat as the winter weather continues to affect the area.”

A hearing on the matter is set for Jan. 13, 2022.

Archuleta County Sheriff’s Office extends appreciation to the Colorado Attorney General’s Office, La Plata County Sheriff’s Office and Archuleta County administration for assistance in this matter.

Following today’s action by Judge Wilson, the local call center for propane assistance will cease taking calls.

Bob’s LP propane customers experiencing a propane shortage can call any propane provider to fill their tank as a result of this action.