Readers share ideas for 2022


The new year is upon us, and in the tradition of a fresh start with the fresh year, we asked readers and Facebook fans to share their ideas for the changes they wanted to see in Pagosa Springs during 2021. 

Lisa Chapman wrote: “Keep nepotism out of local political offices and bring more diverse representation (why are their no females in lead roles?). Have county do more for the housing crisis by increasing lodging taxes and having a vacation rental limit in neighborhoods.”

Heather Haynie wants: “Running water in aspen spring.”

Dena Laterza wrote: “Complete the Town to Lakes trail!”

Cindi Oliver suggested: “Fix all the streets and pot holes.”

Tricia Postma: wants: “Me, living there with my family.”

Sarah Riehm wrote: “I think a real game changer here would be to establish some post-secondary education. A two-year community college with practical trades education and certifications, plus some academics to prepare our kids to transfer to a four-year school. Add not-for-credit community Ed classes. We have so many qualified instructors here!”

Lisa Is wants a “Driver licensing facility.”

Katherine Kacey wrote: “Please institute and enforce ‘no engine brakes’ on Putt Hill.”

Debra Priest Wallen added: “‘No Engine Braking, Noise ordinance’ any where on Piedra… or North Pagosa. But big rigs don’t use North Pagosa much. They are rattling our windows with every rig that passes.”

Lucinda Morris Tagliareni provided her list: “1. Combine into Town and County government . 2. Recreation Center 3. Indoor facility for kids and adults (bowling, play center) 4. The Town and State must get going on improvements on N. Pagosa, just north of Hwy 160. 5. County needs to pave some roads in Pagosa Lakes. 6. Improve Hwy 160 through town. 7. Enforce property owners to clean up their junky land!!”

Tim Metz wants: “To see a new rec center and swimming pool get approved.”

Tiffany E Lugrand added: “Still need sidewalks! It would be wonderful if when plowing the snow isn’t pilled up on our walkways where we have to walk on the highway.”

Laura Lunsford wants: “Better cell coverage internet options in the neighborhoods. This is a safe issue as well as an inconvenience.”

Kysa Moraine-Hoffschneider wrote: “I would like to see it go back to 2000… but that’s not possible so I guess just keep making it more like Durango so we can all hate it equally.”

Barry Moore replied: “Kysa Moraine-Hoffschneider I was thinking more like 1980. I have not been back to the area since then, I bet I would get lost there now. What is the population now.”

Paul Bauer clearly had his mind on hunting: “Going to All draw licenses and doing away with over-the-counter licenses would thin the crowds down a little bit in the woods.”

Sonya Calvillo went a step further: “You know what would be nice if locals had a week of hunting with no out of towners.”

Suzanne McCarty wants: “Somebody to do something about Talisman Drive–plow it, repave it.”

John Robert screamed out in all caps: “TALLISMAN DRIVE— YOU NEED A TANK—- TOTALLY INEPT!!!”

Cheri Harlow Greene chimed in: “Suzanne McCarty I know! Why bother going off-roading. Just drive down Talisman. Rattles my fillings.”

Harrison Vel wrote: “Find away to do a Soap box derby! Or Drone Raceing courses.”

Brendon Maxwell wants: “Olive garden. … Or at least some more variety in food choices.”

Christian Pantin added: “Food trucks allowed to be open year around.”

Kim Domingo shared: “Would luv a roller skating rink.”

Anthony Ferguson suggested: “Legalize UTV’s on designated parts of highway and county roads! This will bring town $$$$$$$!!!!”

Maria Kelly supported that idea: “Anthony Ferguson totally agree!!!”

Alyssa Odonnell chimed in: “Anthony Ferguson I would totally go to the grocery store in our RZR!!”

Anthony Ferguson responded: “Alyssa Odonnell that’s what I’m saying!”

Jeanelle Marie Wychesit wrote: “We need year-round indoor activities that serve both the local and tourist population. In Santa Fe I saw an indoor high ropes course/rock climbing that was amazing! The ability to finally birth a child here would be great(how many YEARS have we had a hospital now?!). I would love to see some more good restaurants but I know that they’re difficult to keep going year round.”

Shannon Smith-Kinder wants: “Fun things for kids to do in this town. There is nothing for any child of any age to do in this town.”

Ken Hiatt responded: “Shannon Smith-Kinder Theres millions of acres of hiking ,hunting, fishing , ect”

Suanne Freitag McLellan chimed in: “We have an ice rink, disc golf, hiking, fishing, skiing, tubing, kayaking, baseball, soccer, bike parks, playscapes and climbing. They did an event on both Halloween and Christmas this year. There is are also Easter egg hunts. Seems very kid friendly.”

Tricia Postma responded: “Shannon Smith-Kinder it is all about perspective. You will see what you expect to see.”

Scott Ackermann wrote: “Shannon Smith-Kinder ain’t it all.”

Ken Hiatt added: “Shannon Smith-Kinder Thats not our community’s fault thats your governor’s fault.”

Shannon Smith-Kinder responded: “Ken Hiatt ya well pagosa also use to do a christmas light parade, haunted houses every where. Im talking about activities like that no the outdoors. Pagosa used to be fun for kids now its a big rich tourist joke of hell.”

Vickie Galaviz Sweeney wrote: “Shannon Smith-Kinder , No there isn’t enough fun things for our kids to do.”

Briana Kees reminded: “To have ‘local’ people be nice to the tourists and the new people that have moved in… REGARDLESS of the state they come from. This ‘Us vs. Them’ is just not right.”

Pennie de Clark shared her sentiment: “Nothing. Pagosa is amazing the way it is.”

Space doesn’t allow for us to print every idea that we received. We’ll share more of the ideas submitted next week. 

One thing’s for certain, we have a lot to look forward to in 2022. Let’s all do our part and resolve to get involved to make our community better.              

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