PSMC facing lack of inpatient beds, ability to transfer patients


By Randi Pierce
Staff Writer

Pagosa Springs Medical Center reported late Thursday afternoon that its surge capacity had been updated from red to black, indicating a lack of hospital bed availability locally and around the state.

It also means the medical center is suspending elective surgery for two weeks.

According to an email from PSMC CEO Dr. Rhonda Webb, “Surge Capacity Black has many elements, and we met the following:

“1) No inpatient beds available

“2) Other hospitals were unable to accept transfers (critical care transfers were taking more than 4 hours)

“3) Hospital departments are understaffed by 2 or more staff members.”

Webb noted the surge capacity level can go between red, the next lower level, and black sometimes more than once a day.

PSMC is also moving to surge staffing, Webb states.

“We are moving to Surge Staffing. To increase staff availability to care for patients, we will suspend elective surgery for 2 weeks ( the weeks of 11/22 and 11/29),” she wrote.