Merel Marschall


Merel Marschall joined the legions of angels, where her brilliant light continues to shine, on Sept. 27, while at her home in Pagosa Springs, Colo., with her beloved husband, Thomas, by her side.

Merel’s devotion to God, her divine connection and service to love inspired her life of learning, meditation, healing and teaching. Feminine strength with a regal countenance were her signature bearings. Her lovely radiance shone brightest whenever she generously shared her bountiful wisdom. 

Merel was born June 9, 1942, in Chichester, England. She spent most of her young life through the age of 17 on the island of Fiji, which was a British colony at that time. She pursued higher education in New Zealand, where she earned a RN degree in 1964. While working as a nurse in a hospital in New Zealand, she was recruited by Air New Zealand for her nursing skills aboard international flights and became check flight attendant for the airline until she married. A married woman could not be a flight attendant in those days even though she had a salaried position and frequently worked from an office. Merel and her husband, William Sunde, moved to Germany, where she became a lead nurse at a Royal Airforce Hospital. They later moved to Los Angeles, Calif., where they lived until 1991 until he passed when Merel was 51 years of age. The sudden and tragic loss of her true love propelled Merel into a personal intensive healing journey spanning 10 years. 

In 2001, as fate would have it, Merel and Thomas Marschall were introduced by a mutual friend at a spiritual retreat taking place at the Taj Mahal in India. The stars aligned with the help of divine guidance and despite the geographical challenges posed by Merel living in LA, Calif., and Thomas living in NY, N.Y., thus began their sacred work together. They married on Nov. 8, 2003, at the home of friend’s in LA. They lived their lives together in service, consecrated with God’s love for 20 years. They shared their time between homes in Pagosa Springs, Colo., St. Augustine, Fla., and Hot Springs Village, Ark. Merel loved travel and the pleasures of gardening. She spent the last year enjoying their home in Pagosa and watching the unfolding of nature in the English garden she nurtured for 15 years. In Thomas’ words, “Their relationship is a Sacred Union with each other and their Heavenly Father that remains even though Merel no longer resides on the physical plane.”

Meditation and ascension guidance were the core of her agreement of service with her Heavenly Father. She continued to expand her healing modalities throughout her life, mastering most with ease and grace. Once mastered, she began to share her knowing as a master teacher of reiki, reflexology, color therapy, universal brotherhood minister and more.

Merel is survived by husband, Thomas, his son Scott, his wife Kim, his daughter Nicole and her husband Rick. She also had six siblings living in Fiji, Australia and/or New Zealand.

An open-house celebration of life will be held at the Tennyson Event Center on Saturday, Nov. 13, from 4 to 7 p.m., with refreshments, light appetizers and dessert. There will be an opportunity for people to share Merel memories or tributes. In lieu of flowers, Thomas requests that you share it forward with a gift of food to a person or family in need, which was one of Merel’s favorite ways to share the abundance of God’s love.