Pilot program allowing e-filing by self-represented litigants expands to 6th Judicial District


By Jon Sarché

Colorado Judicial Department

The Colorado Judicial Department announced Monday that a pilot program allowing electronic filing of documents by people representing themselves in family court cases has expanded to include all or portions of seven additional judicial districts encompassing 23 counties.

The e-filing program is open to litigants without attorneys in dissolution of marriage, dissolution of civil union and custody cases. Approximately 75 percent of litigants in such cases choose to represent themselves.

The expansion will include self-represented litigants in the same types of cases, including existing cases in the 6th Judicial District (Archuleta, La Plata and San Juan counties).

Only named parties to a case are eligible to e-file. Requests to waive fees cannot be made through the e-filing system at this time; indigent parties will need to continue filing paper documents at the clerk’s office in the courthouse.

More information about e-filing for non-attorneys may be found at: https://www.courts.state.co.us/Administration/Unit.cfm?Unit=efilenoaty.