Southern Ute Tribal Council approves return to Phase II ‘Safer at Home,’ Level 1


By Lindsay Box

Communication Specialist, Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council Affairs

In accordance with the tribal Resolution 2021-104 which adopted amended COVID-19 metrics, and due to the rise in data, the Southern Ute Indian Tribal Council approved moving to the more restricted Phase II, “Safer at Home” Level 1 Order effective Friday, Aug. 27. 

The Southern Ute Tribal Council, in consultation with the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Incident Management Team (IMT) determined it was in the tribe’s best interests to move to a more restrictive phase due to the new COVID cases, percent of positivity and hospitalizations in the area.

Tribal leadership continues to prioritize the health safety of the tribal membership, tribal staff and our tribal community. 

“It is more important, now than ever, for everyone to follow the recommendations to keep our community safe,” stated Chairman Melvin J. Baker. “The Delta variant is more transmissible, and individuals can experience more severe symptoms. I encourage our community to consider getting a COVID-19 vaccine, and test frequently to help us identify positive cases — keeping our community safe. By following the COVID safety guidelines, getting vaccinated and testing frequently we are protecting our tribal elders, our language and our culture.”

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe will remain in Phase II “Stay at Home,” Level 1 until further notice. The tribal offices remain open to the public; however, all individuals are required to complete the tribal COVID screening process. 

Below is what to expect when the tribe moves to Phase II “Safer at Home,” Level 1.

The following activities are allowed:

• Visit, care for and assist a family member or friend.

• Go to the grocery store.

• Pick up medications or attend medical appointments.

• Go to school or buy educational supplies.

• Go to or get things from work.

• Go to a restaurant or store, provided all protective measures of the establishment are followed.

• Spend time outdoors to enjoy activities such as walking, hiking, playing or picnicking at a park, etc.

• Exercise indoors or outdoors, provided capacity restrictions and protective measures are in place.

• Take your pets to veterinarian appointments.

The following activities are not allowed:

• Do not leave your home or visit with family members and friends if you are sick.

• Do not visit loved ones who are not nonhousehold members in the hospital, nursing home or other residential care facility.

• Do not stop using a face mask or covering when you are leaving your home.

• Do not maintain less than 6 feet of distance between you and nonhousehold members when you go out.

Restrictions in Phase II, Level 1:

• Personal gatherings are restricted to 30 individuals or less.

• Indoor capacity is restricted to 75 percent of setting capacity and 175 maximum capacity.

• Outdoor capacity is restricted to 75 percent of setting capacity and 200 maximum capacity.

For more information, please visit the Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s website. Individuals can also call the Southern Ute Indian Tribe by dialing (970) 563-0100.

If you are sick, please self-isolate. If your symptoms begin to worsen, please call your primary health care provider or the Southern Ute Health Center at (970) 563-4581. Do not arrive at your primary health care provider office without calling to notify the professionals of your symptoms.

Please continue to practice good hygiene by washing your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds, cough and sneeze into the bend of your elbow or in a tissue then throw the tissue away. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects in your home. Please continue to practice social distancing staying 6 feet away from others. Stay connected with your loved ones and our tribal elders.