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Wolf Creek Gun and Bow Association seeking location to develop shooting range

By Chris Boyd
Wolf Creek Gun and Bow Association

Since officially opening the club for membership in June of this year, the Wolf Creek Gun and Bow Association (WCGBA )has garnered 171 members. This includes 69 members that signed up at the local Gun, Knife and Coin Show over Father’s Day weekend and another 38 members signed up at the Archuleta County Fair.

On Aug. 14, the club held its first annual business meeting at the Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association clubhouse. Members were provided an update on the current status of the club by President JoAnn Pogreba-Dykstra and by each of the committee chairpersons. The membership also conducted its first vote for club directors. The elected directors later met and made appointments to the positions of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and director at large.

On Aug. 17, WCGBA members attended the weekly Vets for Vets meeting and gave a presentation on the mission of the club: “To provide a safe and enjoyable environment to promote the use, training and education for all shooting disciplines in the Pagosa Springs area.” The presentation was well-received, with those in attendance acknowledging and supporting the need for a dedicated local range which will provide a safe location to provide training and maintain firearms proficiency skills. 

The following committees are in need of additional members to support their efforts: community outreach, events, fundraising, land acquisition and membership. Additionally, anyone with Web design experience is needed in order to update and expand the club’s website. 

The greatest challenge is identifying a suitable location to develop a range. Should you have any ideas, wish to donate land or finances to assist in this endeavor, or want to volunteer on any of the listed committees, please email: contact@wolfcreekgunandbow.org. 

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