Spend more at Dancing with the Stars, pay less in taxes


By Toni Sherwood

Seeds of Learning

If you live in Colorado and you donate to a qualified Colorado Early Childhood Education Center, like Pagosa’s own NAEYC-certified Seeds of Learning, you can subtract half that amount from the bottom line of your state owed taxes. Check out our website for more specific information: https://growingseeds.org/colorado-child-care-tax-benefit/. 

So, get your virtual ticket https://growingseeds.org/buy-dwtps-tickets/ by midnight Friday, Aug. 20, and tune in Saturday, Aug. 21, at 7 p.m. sharp for the dance competition of 2021, featuring local stars Len Liszewski, Heather Simpson, Terrie Frahm, Tim Sullivan, Derek Pepin and Betsy Burnett pulling out all the stops to give you the show of a lifetime. 

If you haven’t heard, Dancing with the Pagosa Stars is a fundraiser for Seeds of Learning, whose mission is to provide financial assistance so that every child, no matter their situation, has the opportunity to the very best early learning. 

Colorado knows the huge benefit that early childhood education provides to our communities — now and in the future: 

• Parents can go to work and feel their children are in a safe environment. 

• Young children’s brains can be stimulated with educational, emotional and social skills that will serve them throughout their lives. 

• Our community can grow as we attract more and more professionals who want top quality child care. 

As you consider who to vote for in this year’s dance competition, remember, every vote is supporting the youngest scholars in our community.

What: Dancing with the Pagosa Stars.

Where: Your living room.

How: Get virtual tickets at https://growingseeds.org/buy-dwtps-tickets/. The passcode will be sent to your email address prior to event. 

Tune in at 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 21, to livestream via our website: growingseeds.org.