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Praying for fathers of faith

By Sami Fortin
PREVIEW Columnist

Dear Lord,

You are a Father like no other. When our own fathers fall short or abandon us, you will never leave us nor forsake us.

Help our fathers in this day and age to remember the former things, those of long ago. You are God and there is no other, you make known the end from beginning, from ancient times, to what is still to come. Your purpose will stand and you will do all that you please. You are bringing your righteousness near and your salvation will not be delayed.

Whether we have old or young fathers, I ask that you would fill them with an abundance of faith to carry them through the hard things this life has for them. Let them hear your word, for real faith comes from hearing. Let it go from hearing to being sealed in their hearts.

Some of the things faith can do: Obtain a good testimony and bring understanding. It pleases God, it gives strength to birth the seed of faith, it enables us to die in faith, blesses children, gives instruction, keeps us, enables him to suffer affliction, empowers him to endure, maintains our standing with God, makes a way through challenges, brings obstacles down and, last but not least, obtains salvation.

Let fathers everywhere proclaim that Jesus is Lord, and believe in their hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead and be saved. Having faith does so much for a father; it builds him up and gives him confidence. He will be richly rewarded when he perseveres and does the will of God. He will receive what God has promised. Keep him from taking back the past and to live in the now, looking forward to his future and future of his children. His greatest work will be to believe in Jesus and strive to trust in Him all his days.

Help him to know that when he thinks he is failing, he’s closer to you than he realizes. Let his tongue speak praise to release kingdom’s realities. May faith become his lifestyle so that he won’t see death. May he receive what comes from his heavenly Father, which are good gifts stored up for him in heaven.

Help him to be an overcomer of fear, receiving your love continually. Cause him to cast all anxiety, depression, fears, or any cares upon you, for you care for him and you will never let him down.

You have not given him a spirit of fear, but one of power, love and self-control. When worries or doubt come, show him how it deactivates his faith, and help him to turn back to you and confess so his faith will be evident by his actions.

Pour out your spirit of awareness on him, showing him his days are numbered that he would find joy and gladness and spend his days trusting in you. May he never be put to shame because he takes refuge in Christ. Deliver all the dads in your righteousness.

Since you are their rock and fortress, lead and guide them, free them from the trap set for them, make them into men of great faith. You will instruct these fathers in the way chosen for them and they will spend their days in prosperity, causing their children and their children’s children to inherit the land.

You, Lord, will confide in those whose faith is in you, and you will make your covenant known to them. As they keep their eyes on you, you will release their feet from the snare. Help them to turn their hearts toward you; guard their lives and rescue them.

May integrity and uprightness protect them because their hope is in you. Let them leave a legacy for faith for their children and may their children rise up and call them blessed. Remind them not to forget your teaching and keep your commands in their heart so their lives will be prolonged and they’ll see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

With just one word, everything changes. By your authority, move in our fathers’ hearts and make lasting changes for ages to come. In Jesus’ name, amen.

This column includes both fiction and nonfiction, and views expressed do not necessarily represent those of The SUN. Submissions can be sent to editor@pagosasun.com.

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