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Pagosa Springs High School students display their talent on little free libraries

Photos courtesy Pagosa Little Free Library Project
Five little free libraries, built and painted by local high school students, were finished last week and will be installed around the community soon.

By Laurah Brock Young
Pagosa Little Free Library Project

Wednesday afternoon, we celebrated the completion of five little free libraries at the high school. Tor Hessman’s building trades high school students built the libraries from scratch with donated materials. Then Jen Gannon’s art students painted them. They look wonderful and display such talent. 

We have delivered the first library to the Wyndham Resort. Shane, the assistant general manager, is having it placed in a community public area at the miniature golf kiosk, walking trail and the parking lot so that the entire Pagosa Springs community and visitors can have access to it. We will let you know when it is installed. It should be about a week.

There are several other placements in the works. One of them will be stationed in the Pagosa Arts Initiative Space at 262 Pagosa St., and one is going to Mesa Heights above the middle school. Another of these libraries will be somewhere on the Riverwalk or possibly a park. The Pagosa Lakes Property Owners Association has approved two libraries, one for the Rec Center and one at the clubhouse. We are looking into the Hatcher Lake area.

This completes the initial phase of our Pagosa Little Free Library Project. It was an incredible community effort with so much support. 

If anyone is interested in building or buying a library to be placed somewhere in Pagosa Springs, you are welcome to look on https://littlefreelibrary.org. They have building plans, kits, built libraries that you can paint, and completely painted libraries and posts for sale. It is great information to help you though the placement process that the project team has utilized all along. If you need to contact us, you can always reach us on Facebook: Pagosa Little Free Library Project.

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