Spoils of war: finish strong


We have stayed the course and fought the good fight. Our prayer: to reach the finish line we have been promised.

In 1828, New York Sen. William L. Marcy declared, “To the victor belong the spoils.” 

His statement referred to the election of Andrew Jackson, and the goods or benefits secured, post-win. 

Marcy’s words seem just as relevant as I consider today’s battleground and the choices we must make as to who we declare our life’s victor. What once was a fight between men or a conflict between nations has shown itself to be a spiritual battle where evil wars against good, where deception tries to mask truth and darkness tries to hide light. 

The Bible tells us that there is a war being fought in the heavenlies. We can even see the plays of the destroyer unfold before us in every corner of the globe. Fortunately, the rules of engagement were detailed long ago and we know who will be crowned the winner. 

It is important we keep all things in perspective. Know that the adversary doesn’t want to lose. Fortunately, we already know how he will play his cards. His game is to cheat, steal and destroy. And with that, no greater is there a time when we need to seek shelter in the hands of him we abide. 

I realize this is heavy with pessimism. But, no matter how you choose to view the world we live in, an honest heart will see it for what it is. What once resembled a fruitful paradise called Eden is now a perverted and twisted land beyond recognition. 

These are not the words of someone who refuses to accept present change, but a soul’s view of the glory of creation, as seen real-time through unfiltered eyes. 

Shouldn’t we call things as they are? Even the prophetic words of the Old Testament told us about times such as this. 

Our story doesn’t have to end in despair. However, there is a far greater tomorrow that will deliver us beyond the ills of today. Through faith, we can experience life more abundantly. 

Present reality is clear. There is a fight for our very lives. We know this because we can see, hear and feel the push and pull on our very existence, where ruse and scheme are commonplace, vying to force us on to a path of death and destruction. 

“The Lord stands in full authority to shatter to pieces the kings who stand against you on the day he displays his terrible wrath. He will judge every rebellious nation, filling their battlefield with corpses, and will shatter the strongholds of ruling powers. Yet he himself will drink from his inheritance as from a flowing brook, refreshed by love he will stand victorious.” — Psalms 110:5-7 (The Passion Translation).

This passage tells us that God is fighting for us. He is in full authority and will shatter to pieces anyone who fights against him. Although we may be soldiers on this battlefield, we don’t have to be casualties of war. 

Our comfort? We are the bounty; the ones being fought for. And, to the victor belongs the spoils; those who believe in the one who will save them from the grip of demise. 

Final brushstroke: As we look out our windows to appreciate the beauty nature has to offer, we also have to see what our heart sees: a world that has come to embrace degeneration as with a familiar comfort. Those words don’t come easy as they are heavy and undesired. But, the spoils of war are defining. The time to recognize your victor is now. 

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