Unemployed Coloradans who return to work are eligible for an incentive


Gov. Jared Polis’ office

Gov. Jared Polis recently signed an executive order creating a new monetary incentive program to support unemployed Coloradans as they return to work full time. 

Under the Colorado Jumpstart incentive program, unemployed individuals are eligible to receive an incentive of up to $1,600 to support the transition into full-time work. 

“Powering the comeback means supporting Coloradans getting back to work and our businesses as they expand,” said Polis. “We know that getting back to work doesn’t mean all the financial challenges Coloradans are facing just disappear and we want to ensure that as more people are returning to the workforce, we are setting them up for success.”

To be eligible for an incentive, Colorado’s unemployed workers must have received at least one week of unemployment benefits of $25 or more between March 28 and May 16 of this year and have verified their identities via ID.me. A full list of eligibility requirements is posted on ColoradoUI.gov. Eligible claimants who return to work full time in May will receive a Colorado Jumpstart incentive of $1,600. Those who return to work full time in June will receive an incentive of $1,200. 

“More than a year after this pandemic swept through Colorado, we know that many Coloradans are not completely back on their feet just yet. That’s why we are taking this important step to provide support to those who need it most as they transition back into the workforce,” said Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Executive Director Joe Barela. “This won’t just help Coloradans, it’s going to help businesses to have a productive workforce, ready to power our economy and comeback.”

Newly employed workers must maintain full-time employment for at least eight weeks to receive the full incentive. The incentive payments are expected to be issued during July and August and will be distributed in two installments. Claimants will become eligible for the first half of the incentive after approximately four weeks of full-time employment and will become eligible for the remaining half after approximately eight weeks.

Claimants currently receiving Pandemic Unemployment Assistance benefits, workshare claimants and out-of-state claimants are not eligible for the incentive program. For more information, please visit ColoradoUI.gov. Coloradans can also view the factsheet at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16hePu_W3NR60ntWhudYqOL2BwLkQOZcp/view.