County allocates 100 percent of Secure Rural Schools funding to public schools


By Clayton Chaney
Staff Writer

At a regular meeting held by the Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) on May 4, the board voted to allocate 100 percent of the Secure Rural Schools funding received by the county to public schools.

County Finance Director LeeAnn Martin addressed the BoCC on the matter.

According to Martin, the county received $249,434.40 from the state on April 22 as the county’s share of the 2021 Secure Rural Schools funding.

It is noted in the agenda documentation that the funding has two potential uses: “distribution to public schools teaching students who reside within Archuleta County, or distribution to the County’s own Road and Bridge fund.”

It is also noted in agenda documentation that under current rules, the county is required to allocate at least 25 percent of the distributed funds to public schools.

Martin noted that last year, the county was distributed $270,042.38, in which 100 percent of those funds were allocated to go to public schools.

The commissioners offered no comments before voting unanimously on the matter.