Destination Imagination team earns second place at state competition

Photo credit Destination Imagination
Destination Imagination Team Bombulum Draconis takes second place at state. Pictured, left to right, are Ethan Roble, David Morehouse, Keaton Roble and Ruth Ann Morehouse.

By Kristin Morehouse
Destination Imagination

Pagosa’s Destination Imagination (DI) team Bombulum Draconis took second place at state competition.

DI prepares 21st century learners with project-based learning, incorporating collaborative teamwork, creative expressions (theater and art), pursuit of personal interests, with science, technology, engineering and math. 

The team chose a service-learning project this year. 

Project Podcast, the service-learning project, introduced the high school students to needs analysis, program planning and program evaluation, which they chose to apply to peer-led study groups. The DI process guided them to identify the obstacles they overcame in completing their project as well. 

They planned weekly SAT study sessions with each other to review math and English. They also made different chat groups where they could assist each other virtually if they needed homework help. They presented their results along with a “quirky character” in their final podcast. It included a video commercial which had an outrageous claim, some team-made art work and ski videos. One quarter of the team’s tournament score came from their instant challenge, which was an impromptu virtual skit with several fun characters. 

We talk about what we will keep from the different stages of the pandemic. Bombulum Draconis, like DI, retooled for a virtual world and competition. In addition to their podcast and video-editing skills, their teamwork and project management earned them a second-place state finish. 

The team is happy to support others who are interested in learning more about DI or joining a team. Becky Thompson is the school district’s coordinator and she may be reached at I am also excited to help new teams get started and may be reached at We look forward to hearing from you.